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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014





CLAY Family Show

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Kids2 copy

We’re delighted to welcome families with children to our 3pm matinee on Saturday Feb. 22. While not a “kids show” per se, we wanted to offer the opportunity for families to come and experience something different together. The 65-minute show is recommended for ages 4 and up; there are a few heavy or intense moments in the piece, so we ask that parents use discretion in bringing their younger ones.

Kids are kids, and we’re not going to be uptight about that. However, for a child who needs a break or is getting especially squirmy, drawing materials and a children’s area will be available for your use. These areas are unsupervised, so we ask that a parent or caregiver accompany the child. (You’ll still be able to hear the great music!)

Please email Elizabeth Dishman directly if you have any questions:

Many thanks, we hope to see you!!


Benefit Party Sunday, April 29th

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

On Sunday, April 29th we will host a Benefit Party to help us bring the grand yet intimate visions of Requiem Familiaris out into the world…

reachSunday, April 29th
1:30 – 4pm
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
334 S. 5th St.
In Williamsburg on the corner of S. 5th and Rodney near the Marcy Ave JMZ and the Metropolitan/Lorimer G/L. Enter through the side door on S. 5th.
Admission: Suggested Donation $20 – $200,000.
Gifts of all shapes and sizes are tax-deductible and deeply meaningful.

Delicious appetizers and desserts provided by Allison Person’s Sweet and Savory Brooklyn.
Cocktails will be available for an extra donation of $5 each.

Special thank you gifts…
$1-99 = Listing in the program + Elizabeth’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe
$100 = The above + 1 ticket to the show + VIP seating + a signed program
$150 = The above + Invitation for 2 to rehearsal and dessert with the dancers
$200+ = The above + CD of the soundtrack for Requiem Familiaris, composed by Evan Mazunik and Angelo Spagnolo, performed by In One Wind

Enter to win:
–1 hour private yoga session
–1 hour professional massage

PLUS…the highest donor gets to name the characters of Requiem Familiaris!  (They are currently being called Daughter, Father, Son and Mother…)
.  .  .  .  .
We need to raise $7000 to complete this ambitious project, and would be thrilled and grateful to receive your help…
$10 pays for one hour of rehearsal time…$50 buys all our props…$150 pays for our publicity materials …$300 buys our set and costumes…$500 pays for one day of recording our gorgeous, gorgeous music (Really, it’s so beautiful and amazing–CDs will be available for purchase)…$1400 pays for our entire theater rental…And the list goes on…

Pardon our Progress, 6 Recording the soundtrack…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

We had an amazing two days at Seaside Lounge recording over an hour of music for Requiem for This.  Evan Mazunik led the two 10-hour marathons, wrangling the audio delights coming from In One Wind‘s Angelo Spagnolo (who co-composed the music…), Max Jaffe, Rob Lundberg, Steven Lugerner,  and Mallory Glaser.

I’ll save the actual tunes for the show, but I wanted to give you a mini tour of the studio…HERE

May 17-19!!

Pardon our Progress 4, the Band

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

A glorious 4 hours rehearsing with In One Wind!!  This living room was packed with dizzying skill, beauty and the artist’s soul…as evidenced by the hearts scribbled in my notebook in an effort not to gush embarrassingly…


So I’ll gush here instead.  🙂

Evan Mazunik: these mighty forearms coax out the most lovely and nuanced phrases you ever heard.


Angelo Spagnolo: magnanimous melodies careen via hairpin turns into startling discoveries. Fierce and full of care.


Mallory Glaser: a bright beauty…her silvery, slippery voice floats, sneaks, vaults into the air.


Max Jaffe: full body rhythm…infinite articulations driving, scattering, painting, splashing color everywhere.



Steven Lugerner: beguiling, bravado, brash, he’ll eat you up and spit you out better than ever.  Oh, and pick a reed, any reed…this guy can do it, and I mean DO.


And Rob Lundberg: assuming in the most unassuming way. Deeply vibrant…expansive resonance from this tall, gentle hero.


Not to mention the decor…