Tremendous jumble


reflective studioAs I continue on this journey, I am more and more appreciative of dance as a way of processing in community the beauty and complexity of life. Dance invites us to step beyond the verbal and digital for a moment, to re-root in the life of the body and to unite in something real as a body of viewers. Dance speaks in its wordless way, sliding under, rushing over or soaking through verbal constructions to help us see and feel more deeply, and revel more fully in our shared humanity. Dance strengthens us to wrestle with life’s conundrums and provides a healing force when words are not enough. I’m leaning heavily on this in what seems like a particularly difficult phase of widespread distress around the world, which we’re all grappling with in our own unique ways. Choreography has become for me both teacher and voice as I join the dialogue, drawing people to engage together with the tremendous jumble of life.

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