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Well, sorry everyone. It’s been a while since I donned my critic’s cap (at least in this context) and followed through on writing about the many amazing works being shown in this town. I noticed I’d abandoned a few so I thought I’d just throw out what I had and move on. Hope you enjoy this truncated

Kate Weare Company, Bright Land…August 13, 2010

Oh, what an evening–two great pieces, one great friend, and The Joyce.  Good old Joyce…the not-too-uncomfortable seats packed snugly together, voluptuous red curtain

Laura Peterson Choreography, Everyone…June 23, 2010

A hot HOT day in lower Manhattan.  Under the beating sun, 28 performers flowed, ran, tumbled and danced amid the glare of concrete, windows and astro turf in Laura Peterson’s new work, everyone.

Large, outdoor space

Many performers



The Forsythe Company, Decreation…October 16, 2009

I’ve been chomping at the bit to see something by William Forsythe live, and last night I got my chance at BAM’s Next Wave Festival.  Good thing I brought my bit too, because Decreation provided a serious chomp.  Sitting in the balcony, we had a clear view of the enormous stage, with an enormous circular table covered in white and a video screen.  The enormous cast of dancers entered briskly, most sitting in chairs set behind narrow black columns on the periphery.  Two headed for the video screen and one rolled out a large video camera.  A woman began to relay a caricatured version of both sides of a tense conversation, presumably between two lovers.  Her exaggerated, distorted voice and gestures found inverted echos in two women performing slow, contorted movements out in the greater space.

The large, dense work evolved from there, using as a base differing iterations of this same spoken argument–at times shockingly fierce and at others deftly poignant–spoken (or screamed) by various members of the cast.

The performers were totally immersed, whether executing jolting, spit-fire movement phrases or uttering gutteral croaks into a microphone.  And the aforementioned camera played a captivating role as well, capturing real time footage and images which appeared on the aforementioned screen, at times edited or manipulated in various ways.

Jamais Vu, a Dietz Marchant WIP…September 12, 2009

The elevator was slow in coming, which gave us the chance to dwell near a quirky wall mural in the DUMBO waterfront warehouse.  My husband and I, on our first date in…a while, savored the moments of adult company and finally entered the elevator.  We were delighted to emerge upon the bustling and cheery 9th floor of 10 Jay Street, home of Music-Theatre Group.  Bypassing the packed bar in favor of an early seat, we had a lovely opportunity to absorb the setting: a somewhat shallow but wide studio space with seemingly infinite height.  A dining table and chairs at one end, a scaffolding on the other, two steely tarps arced in the middle and a pile of glittery tinsel at center.  At the far end behind the table, the high wall was filled with words and thought maps in chalk–what I assumed to be various process tools and explorations of the work in progress.


Yep, that’s it. I know–lame.

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