Marbles leap small

Run-on 2.3-4.2017 Brooklyn, NY

28 minutes. A crafty trio celebrating the drive of creativity and the generative nature of the human body.

Presented by Triskelion Arts

4 comps small

Attraverso 8.11 – 12.2016 New York, NY

9.5 minutes. A lush study on flow and unity, presented by Doug Varone and Dancers, Devices 3.

Gibney Dance Center

Myssi reach small

Vermilion 2.26 – 27.2016 Brooklyn, NY

40 minutes. Referencing the brilliant red pigment seen in stop and exit signs, red carpets, bing cherries, cardinals, lipstick and blood, Vermilion seeps down through meshed experiential layers using subtly shifting physicalities, risky improvisations and tightly choreographed scenarios in an intimate yet sweeping homage to the vulnerable revelry of humanity.

Presented by Triskelion Arts




Terra Firma 8.24 and 10.16.2015 Brooklyn, NY

7 minutes. This study on territory and dancing with the enemy revels in the contested but shared space between two dancers who grapple within a carefully plotted piece of ground. With a supporting cast amplifying an intimate struggle, Terra Firma embodies the effort of ousting an enemy, and the dilemma of an ambiguous aftermath.

Commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts and screened as part of Triskelion Arts’ Collaborations in Dance Festival


Fold Rhapsody 1.23 – 24.2015 Brooklyn, NY; 2.26 + 28.2015 Atlanta, GA

55 minutes. This evening-length work of short meditations packs and unpacks, straightens and crumples, creases and irons out a fused weave of futility and delight. Oscillating between intricate choreography, risky improvisations and simple repetitive vignettes, the performers move from one encounter to the next, unable to break into something new, yet gradually finding themselves changed in the doing.

Presented by Triskelion Arts, and Emory University’s Schwartz Center for Performing Arts


CLAY lean

CLAY 2.21-22.2014 Brooklyn, NY

60 minutes. An evening of choreography set to selected gems of vintage American gospel music from the 1920’s to the 80’s, played live by Josh Rutner’s The Twelve Gates, featuring Sarah Fullen Gregory. CLAY moves deftly from rollicking to serene, antic to desperate, as the dance brings visual force to the Gates’ fervent take on songs by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, Washington Phillips, Roberta Flack, The Staple Singers, and more.

Williamsburg Church


Rapture Leg 06 copy

Signs of the Rapture 2.7 + 2.9.2013 Brooklyn, NY

30 minutes. Calling to mind religious expectation, “rapture” shares linguistic roots with “rape”, “seizure” and “kidnapping”, Signs of the Rapture broods over these connections, probing the dark burning and ecstatic elation of longing’s fierce heart. Through stark glimpses and serene meditations, Signs of the Rapture creates a bold scaffolding which the dancers ascend and penetrate in tender and relentless exploits into the insatiable soul of yearning.

Presented by Triskelion Arts, Zoo Theater


Matt Choi (c) 2012

Requiem Familiaris 5.17 – 19.2012 Brooklyn NY

90-minutes. With original music and experimental video, Requiem Familiaris mines the deep and circuitous contours of a family of four, laying bare intimacies both glorious and wrenching. Beauty and hurt are tangled in startling yet familiar encounters with hidden foibles; trait becomes rut as Daughter, Father, Mother and Son navigate the intimate dangers of their ultimate refuge. An altered take on the Catholic prayers for the dead, Requiem Familiaris cries out at small but potent daily deaths and seeks peace in the midst of dark, sometimes bright chaos.

Triskelion Arts, Aldous Theater


Selvedge 10.22 – 24.2009 New York, NY; 9.18.2010 Brooklyn, NY; 3.26.2011 Atlanta, GA

30 minutes. This deeply layered dance work wanders through the warp and woof of intimacy, revealing both a fine, clear weave, and dense, tangled mats of misunderstanding/understanding all too well. “Selvedge” utilizes close-knit partnering and a vibrant movement lexicon that inexorably questions and reinvents as it evolves.  Improvisation nestles within highly structured choreography in a seamless interplay between two sides of a core axiom: “I know this/I don’t know this.”  Themes of forced trust, playful history and mangled connection are strung throughout, drawing the viewer into a richly variegated relational skein.

100 Grand; Triskelion Arts; Schwartz Center for Performing Arts


 Seam 10.22 – 24.2009 New York, NY

An evening of modern dance curated by Elizabeth Dishman, including premiere works by Xan Burley and Alex Springer, Miriam Crowell, Elizabeth Dishman, and Stephanie Miracle.

100 Grand


SUMAC 2012
SUMAC 6.8 – 13.2009 New York, NY
..(Systems for Understanding Movement and Choreography)
..with Susan Marshall & Company
..6 choreographers and 18 dancers convene at Barnard College for a six-day intensive workshop to experience the ..acclaimed Susan Marshall and Company’s unique collaborative process of dancemaking. 

Elizabeth Dishman (c) 2009

REVIVE 4.18 – 19.2009  New York, NY

“dirt. air.” and “Roux” Adjudicated showcase concert of Perichoresis Dance Group

Marjorie S. Deane Little Theatre


J. David Dishman

J. David Dishman (c) 2008

*RIBS 1.24 – 26.2008 Brooklyn, NY; 3.14 – 16.2008 Atlanta, GA; 11.8.2008  Brooklyn, NY

60 minutes.  RIBS ponders a circular idea that we must know who we are in order to share ourselves with others, but only in earnest community can we realize our truest selves.

January production included Steady, Girl (by Jennifer Sydor) and No It Wasn’t I Love This (by Donnell Turner and Ani Weinstein).  March production included Gossamer Shelter (by George Staib), To the Tree! (by Roseanne Caudle), Theeth (by Sarah Evens and Molly Perez) and Long Term Memory Losses (by Susan Eldridge).

Triskelion Arts, 7Stages Theatre Mainstage and BRIC Studio

J. David Dishman (c) 2006

J. David Dishman (c) 2006

*Flypaper Dances 1.24 – 25.2006 Atlanta, GA; 8.6.2006 (excerpt), Hoboken, NJ

40 minutes. Full-length work exploring the sticky attachments of life–from fierce affections to deep obsessive ruts.

Co-produced concert of new and repertory works including Flypaper Dances, Gargoyles and Solivagus (by George Staib), and Ground of Being and The press of my foot into the earth springs a hundred affections (by Jerylann Warner).

Performing Arts Studio, Emory University; SWEAT Outdoors Dance Festival (excerpt), Frank Sinatra Park


J. David Dishman (c) 2005

J. David Dishman (c) 2005

*FALLING 1.21 – 23.2005 Atlanta, GA; 10.14 – 15.2005 Athens, GA

60 minutes. Evening-length work embodying a life cycle of falls–exhilaration, love, center of gravity, fear, death, rebound.

Performing Arts Studio, Emory University and Canopy Studio

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2003

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2003

*Reflex Meditations 5.30 – 6.1.2003 (excerpt), 11.6 – 8.2003, 11.20 – 22.2003 (excerpt) and 3.14-15.2004 (excerpt) Atlanta, GA

50 minutes. Full-length work exploring social and emotional reflexes–personal space, fight or flight, grief and joy, voyeurism/exhibitionism, going against the grain, and that whole abstract mess.

November 6 – 8 production included Hunger (by Amanda Exley Lower).

The Beam Theater, Georgia Avenue Church, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Emory University, and Morris & Rae Frank Theatre

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

*Spare Dances 4.19 – 28.2002 (excerpt), 9.20 – 29.2002, and 3.16 – 18.2003 (excerpt) Atlanta, GA

Concert of new and repertory works including Selfsame, Passing Cycle, Sugar ‘n Spice, Shape of a Sister and Nike.

Ballroom Studios, 7Stages Theatre Backspace,7Stages Theatre Mainstage, and 14th Street Playhouse

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2001

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2001

Coriolis, Dances for a Season 12.6 – 16.2001 Atlanta, GA

Company debut–Concert of new works including Hodie, Trinity and Written (by Violette Tucker).

7Stages Theatre Mainstage


LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

*The Nerve Series 2002 – 2006 Founding Member, Atlanta, GA

An artistic collective presenting collaboratively produced dance events aiming to push members’ risk and innovation in contemporary choreography.

Preface, Tea-Length Dances, Permutations, One, Reflex at The Beam Theater; and Nike of Age at Ballroom Studios and 7Stages Theatre Backspace


LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

LaCour-Niesen Visuals (c) 2002

*The Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival 2003 – 2005, Atlanta, GA

An adjudicated concert showcasing works by Atlanta contemporary choreographers.

One and Reflex at theMorris & Rae Frank Theatre and Selfsame at 14th Street Playhouse


*Kinetic Voices: A Concert of Dance and the Human Voice 3.24.2000 Atlanta, GA

Co-produced showcase concert of new and repertory works including Passing Cycle, Cecelia’s Chair, What the Walls Have Heard (by Anna Leo) and Speak (by Lori Teague) at ChristChurch Presbyterian

Passing Cycle 1.27-29.2000 Columbus, OH

MFA Thesis Project researching the music and dance relationship through a choreographic setting of Samuel Barber’s song cycle, Hermit Songs.

Sullivant Theatre

Paper Boat Sails 6. 26 – 27.1997 Atlanta, GA

Showcase concert of new and repertory works, including SeaJourn, Senses Fading, Shape of a Sister, and Trio for Flute, Violin and Body.

Performing Arts Studio, Emory University

Aplomb Line 10.25.1996 Atlanta, GA

Showcase concert of new and repertory works, including Within the Tide, Fitful Wren, Laura’s Epiphany, Currents in a Rock’s Watershell, Summertime, And So It Goes, and My Feet Are On The Rock.

ChristChurch Presbyterian