Name Game

Since about April I’ve had this growing Google spreadsheet called “Untitled Project” accumulating sheets about budget, music, props sets and costumes, grant proposals, sections of the dance and several other facets of the new production I’m working on. Here’s a portion of one sheet called “Title Ideas”:

Under the sun Dropcloth fold, unfold the fold, fold Tent Fold
Turn, turn, turn dropcloth/fold fold, the fold Fold/Forme
Fold, in a fold envelope Fixed Fold Fold Cycle
Roundel Ply Ambit / Fold Room Fold Series
Rondel in a fold Stanzas for a fold Fold circumference Series in the fold
Rondeau Cloth/Fold Stanzas in a fold folds of a remembered garment Round in the fold
der Reigen Fold on the bias Arias in a fold Interfacing Life in a fold
Roundelay Bodice Pendulum/Fold Dances in a fold
Pallium Ceiling Cirlce Fold
cloak, unveiling, reveil Mantle Drop/ped Cloth the inside surface at the top of a room Ceiling in a fold
Veil fold/fray
Reveil Enclosure BetweenFold Veiled circling fold
Did you mean revel reveal revile re veal re-veal ravel rivel Returning entredeux Veiling fold in the fray
19 arias for a small space Folio Vellum Enveil A series of returning folds
D. S. al Coda Lamina Pane Did you mean unveil A series of folds
Ritornello Returning un veil un-veil anvil evil envied envies

It’s dizzying, right? Tell me about  it. I’m finding it so difficult to give this piece a name…to summarize it in a few words, to give the viewer just enough and not too much, to find something spacious but not vacuous, snug but not a cage.

Many times I come to a new work with a title already in mind, or at least a good first draft. But this time I resisted looking for a title because I wanted to give the work more room to grow in a nameless way, unburdened by its own definition for as long as it needed. Well it’s time to print postcards, so…

Many of you know that a main theme I’ve been working with from the beginning is cycle. At last week’s rehearsal we showed a portion of the piece to our composer, Angelo, and for the first time I was able to see its identity more clearly emerge. Yes, we’re dancing about cycle, in cycles, in repeating poetic forms, but there’s more…there’s a sense of overhead weight (literal and figurative), and an attention to texture and material that I now see as equally prominent. So, my initial title “Turn, turn, turn” isn’t quite the one. And you can see the winding path to what I maybe think might possibly could be this work’s name.

I think I’m settling on A series of folds. For now. We’ll see what this week brings…


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