Review: Juliette Binoche and Akram Khan, In-I

In contrast to the preceding review, this one will be fairly short. Let this be seen as a reflection on the profundity of the work, as well as an acknowledgment of other thorough reviews already written, with which this writer heartily agrees:
Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times
Judith Mackrell, the guardian
The only thing I’d like to add to these thoughts is that I really enjoyed a FEW moments of this overlong piece. The beginning did capture me, causing me to forget that I had paid $28 to climb 70 stairs to sit on a square-foot precipice of a stool to view the work. (To those of you who haven’t seen me in a while: for about another 3 months this body is not meant to sit at 90-degree angles…thankfully, the other three shows in my subscription to BAM’s Next Wave Festival are at the more spacious Opera House rather than the Harvey…) I was very impressed with Binoche’s abandoned and exact execution of Khan’s thrown and raw floor material, and I also really liked a duet against the back wall late in the piece. Otherwise, ditto on the above reviews…
Still, I’m glad I went, and glad I didn’t shell out more for the slightly more comfy-looking seats far down below.

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