seam: check.

Whew.  It’s been 41 days since seam‘s closing night at 100 Grand loft theater in SoHo, and I’m just now feeling able to process and enjoy the rich, satisfying, exhausting and thrilling experience of it all.  Other than a feverish bout with strep throat during shows 2 & 3, all went very, very well.  Thanks to everyone who came out, including my 99 year-old grandmother from CALIFORNIA!

With each production, I continue to ponder why we do what we do as creators and, more specifically, as self-producers.  It really can be a harrowing task, but somehow I keep going back.  A glutton for punishment??  Maybe.  Addicted to adrenalin?  Probably!

As to my vote for Element of Greatest Enjoyment, I’m torn between the months of building a work with gorgeous and creative dancers, and the few nights of interaction with open and resonant audiences.  I am always amazed and enlightened by what the audience brings to and draws from the work…it’s such a delight to talk with people after the show and hear their reflections, which teach me so much about making and sharing the art of dance.  This time around, the long creative journey contained much of that give and take as well, since I delved for the first time into a more intensive collaborative approach.  Heartfelt thanks goes out to the brilliant cast and contributors from my group work, Selvedge–Xan Burley, Leah Ives, Molly Knochel, Stephanie Miracle, Kaitlin Morse, Edward Rice and Alex Springer!!  And also to the other artists who contributed their dynamic and textured work to the show–alexanDance, Miriam Hess Crowell, Stephanie and Jimmy Miracle and lighting designer John Eckert.  I love this community…

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