Pardon our Progress 4, the Band

A glorious 4 hours rehearsing with In One Wind!!  This living room was packed with dizzying skill, beauty and the artist’s soul…as evidenced by the hearts scribbled in my notebook in an effort not to gush embarrassingly…


So I’ll gush here instead.  🙂

Evan Mazunik: these mighty forearms coax out the most lovely and nuanced phrases you ever heard.


Angelo Spagnolo: magnanimous melodies careen via hairpin turns into startling discoveries. Fierce and full of care.


Mallory Glaser: a bright beauty…her silvery, slippery voice floats, sneaks, vaults into the air.


Max Jaffe: full body rhythm…infinite articulations driving, scattering, painting, splashing color everywhere.



Steven Lugerner: beguiling, bravado, brash, he’ll eat you up and spit you out better than ever.  Oh, and pick a reed, any reed…this guy can do it, and I mean DO.


And Rob Lundberg: assuming in the most unassuming way. Deeply vibrant…expansive resonance from this tall, gentle hero.


Not to mention the decor…


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  1. allison Says:

    ! i want to hear it !
    …cant wait

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