“I like the slippery elegance of Vermilion and Dishman’s resolve to adhere to the tangible, but just-beyond-our-grasp rules of her game. There is an honesty to her dancers’ insistent pursuits and accumulating/fleeting connections.”

— Susan Marshall, Bessie Award-winning choreographer and MacArthur “Genius” laureate 2.8.2016


“Dishman, usually a controlled choreographer of dizzyingly complex erudition, loosens up with Permutations, her first foray into collaborative choreography. ‘Creative risk is a high value to [The Nerve Series], and this element has changed me over the years,’ Dishman says.”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  5.12.05


“You´ll spend days unraveling the complex skeins and cerebral dreams of this modern company for the thinking aficionado.”

— Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing  03.16.05


“Quirky, athletic…bodies in rigorous concentration.”

— Julie Bookman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  1.22.2005


“…raw humanity seeps in…”

“…the dancers move with assurance, gravity a familiar partner they neither fight nor seduce…the choreography plays with surprising phrases of unison, a technique previously willfully absent from Dishman’s palette. Emerging confidently from her accustomed intricacy, these phrases sing gratitude for the one who will always steady you.”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  1. 20.2005


“A cerebral choreographer of revelatory abstractions”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  3.18.2004


“Remarkably intelligent interplays and investigations”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  11. 6.2003


“Playful and provocative”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  9.2003


“One of the more promising companies in Atlanta’s new generation of dancers”

— Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing  9.25.2002


“Comic, athletic”

— Sherri McLendon Dance Magazine Online Reviews  8.2002